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Judgement tarot card vitoria deck

Revelations? Judgment Day?  Or consider the title in my Spanish deck - El Ciclo, the Cycle.

Judgment  reminds the questioner about decisions that have been postponed, deferred, avoided but which can lead to a proper resolution of issues. Its a card that invites you to face up properly to what is past and to see it as past. If there are secrets being kept at a cost to the keeper, why not let them go?  Its not a requirement to, but just a reminder to consider whether life could be better with the past squared away. As an 'angelic' card there is also the reminder that no-one has to do this sort of thing alone.
judgment tarot card marseilles deckWith many Tarot readings every other card seems to be about change (Every other card is about balance).  This is the only real change card in the deck, at least where the change is at the instigation and on the decision of the questioner. The ability to adjudicate, to decide on a change can be used, this entails knowing the past and what is being changed.  It’s a deep card in this respect and can cover many eventualities: forgiveness is one but whether forgiveness is an issue or not, past events can be allowed to rest and an entirely new beginning made.  In a purely spiritual sense it is our material considerations we are able to set aside in order to embrace a new spirituality – we attain a glimpse of the infinite and wish to buy in.  It sounds a little too much like the Moonies or the poor doomed folk that died in the aptly named Waco to apply to most readings, especially of the ‘general / what’s in store’ variety. “Oh, and next week you’ll give up your house and your car and sign over your bank balance to the Church of the Green Lobster… but don’t worry, because spiritually it’s just brilliant!” is probably not exactly what the Questioner had in mind.  The tall, dark stranger would be preferable.  Seriously though, this is a card which allows people to move on, especially where they are very stuck, very hung up.  The ability to see what is hurting you and holding you back can be cathartic in itself, especially when it comes as a sudden revelation – something the card very strongly echoes.  The ability to forgive is one thing, the action of forgiving is something else.  You release the past and it is like letting a dead weight drop from your shoulders.  It can be as simple as forgiving someone for leaving you behind – an untimely death of a loved one, for example.  It can be far harder and more complex, such as people who have committed cruel and criminal acts.  And here, the reminder always is that such a change, such a move forwards is always and only on the decision of the questioner.












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