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'Solomon's circumcision technique left much to be desired '... '

I once had my cards read and drew this card with Temperance, the Chariot and the 2 of Coins - by the time I came to go I'd heard so much about balance I wasn't sure I could walk in a straight line. This card has nothing to do with balance and, come to think of it, neither has Justice...  
"The law locks up the man or woman who steals the goose from off the common,  but lets the greater villain loose who steals the common from the goose"

If this card has a simple meaning at all it is best expressed as 'common sense'.  The simple application of wisdom.  It is taking the overview and seeing the implications of an action, the follow through, the reaction. This card reminds us that we are responsible for what we do and to please stop blaming the universe, except ourselves, when things go wrong!  There is no magical karma but there is guilt which can result in self-fulfilling prophecies of failure & disaster, just as there is also ambition which can result in sucess through making your own luck.

No pillars, no cosmic fireworks, this is human affairs and the application of wisdom.

Justice tarot card marseilles deck

Two women went before King Solomon disputing the right to rear a baby. Solomon took the child, drew his sword and offered to cut the child in two.  At once, one woman dropped her suit – and to her the child was awarded.  A simple tale, somewhat over simplified, but it makes the point.  Or does it?  If you understand the point to be that Justice is aligned with wisdom and found through the application of wisdom then yes, it does. Too many blather on about ‘natural justice’, ‘cosmic balance and harmony’ – there is no justice in nature where balance constantly shifts.  Justice is a moral code which is incorporated in our social systems but it needs to be applied with individual human wisdom.  If you start wittering on about balance in The Tarot you’ll find yourself doing it with every other card.  The card reminds us to consider what is morally right or wrong about a situation in which we are perhaps judging or maybe being judged.  The card does not offer Judgement, nor does it threaten it, nor does it assure you of some mysterious natural force that will restore your equilibrium. Justice signifies the principle that although things sometimes seem askew, the Universe is ultimately fair. We may not see or understand why things happen, but most of us sense there is, in fact, a reason and that balance exists even when we cannot see it. Justice denotes fairness, regardless of who you are. At its purest, the forces embodied by Justice give us the power to see without bias and the courage to be accountable for our actions. These powers also test our faith at times. These powers give us the tools and strength to fight injustice in our everyday life. All we have to do is use them.
    It stands for clear, objective knowledge, for conscious and decisively reached judgment, for incorruptibility and fairness. On the everyday level it says that we experience our surroundings as our echo and will be confronted with the results of our actions, be they good or bad. If we behave in an upstanding and fair manner, our actions should be recognized and properly rewarded, but when we try to gain advantages by questionable means, we should expect to fail. Of course, it could be quite otherwise where a deception is planned and this card expresses our personal responsibility. For whatever we do. It shows that nothing is given to us, but also that nothing is kept from us, so that we alone carry the responsibility for everything that we receive and experience.












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