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The Star
the star tarot card vitoria deck

Look back at Temperance and here we find a woman pouring the contents of the two vessels onto the ground. A comet is bright above. It is symbolic of making a new start with a new inspiration, a new direction - follow that comet!  The revitalised, fused elements refresh the world and all things are possible.  Astrologically, Mercury is shown and there is a reminder in this card that inspiration is but a small part of the creative process and needs to be worked upon.

Another of the Tarot's natural conjunctions, helping the reader to link ideas and suggestions, it also invariably cheers the questionner as it always looks an opitmistic card and captures that esentially human trait.
the star tarot card marseilles deck

There’s a new fad in town in alternative circles, it’s called Cosmic Ordering.  I think its what we used to call positive thinking, but in a flashy, new and – it has to be said – more focused light.  When you know what you want, ask for it.  Place an order with the universe.  I’ve tried but I just get out of stock, back ordered, not available in green… This is the Star - It’s a card that is reflected in one or two of the minor arcana related to more specific areas in that it reminds us that rarely do we know what we really want.  It indicates our fixation with earthly matters, whilst also promising ‘higher’ inspiration.  Enthusiasm and inspiration are essential in furthering new ideas but do not provide the practical means. The Star  is an optimistic card that promises peace, harmony and hope. One must have faith and accept that in cosmic terms all things balance out; that disturbances are sometimes necessary to ensure overall harmony. The reward for such faith is a sense of well-being that may well radiate to those around you through your warm, untroubled heart.  It’s a lovely card meant to inspire you to act on your dreams and ambitions.












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