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Astrology began as a social science, a search for answers to simple questions - what makes us different? - why do people seem to fall into groups and types?  The complexity of astronomical observation and plotting star maps - used for navigation as much as for divination - maintained a scientific barrier against superstition and religion but scientific and technological advances left astrology behind as a proto-science.

At it's simplest, at it's core, astrology often gets things surprisingly right. It may have nothing to do with cosmic alignments and influences, but it seems to hit on something sufficiently to remain  very much a part of our identity.

I have been studying astrology for decades - long before personal computers were around to crunch the numbers -  and have amassed a substantial library. What stands out is the consistency that results from observations over centuries, recorded, shared and passed on down. Chinese and Western astrologies appear very different on first look but under the bonnet, the inquiry, the scientific engine, is the same.

I've been tempted to write about Astrology - I published a work on Tarot a dozen or so years ago which  has sold hundreds of copies . My approach to Tarot was from the original Romany viewpoint as a psychotherapeutic tool - a means of talking through ideas, fears, issues with prompts from ancient archetypical images. The process is very much the same as I Ching.

So, here we are on a small, rocky planet in a remote corner of a galaxy - we're made of stardust and the idea that our entry to the universe gives us a sort of GPS fix - who and where we are in relation to the universe - is a beguiling one.

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