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by popular demand...
heart shaped cat
heart shaped cat
Well, hello. The name's Catt... Bob Catt, licensed to spell*.  The BC has stood for many things - some not printable, can't imagine why. Burmese Cat, Black Cat (though I am actually Chocolate Brown with a black mask and socks. I am 11, which, in cat years, is 11. Where do you people get these funny ideas from? In a parallel universe, I am Sinboots* and quite the hero. bc2
inscrutable cat
Boss Cat: "Keel them..."
Regular newsletter readers will be aware of my fondness for IT and as the photo shows I do maintain a close watch on his faffing around - quality control you see (you just can't get the wizards these days). I'll leave you all with a bit of the old 'Spot the kitty'...

rider waite queen of wands card love from bc
Hero Cat, Sinboots.
long cat

i is being a logo
ghost on the stair

i is the ghost upon the stair
* Sinboots is a novel by Heart Shaped World creator Jez

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