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The Lovers

the lovers
Its so often the case that someone wanting their cards read has relationship issues, this card has acquired a more modern take on 'The Lovers' by default. Again, think of it more in terms of 15th century Europe and the ideas of moral responsibility which were starting to take root. At a more cerebral level, this card betokens the changes and sacrifices involved in moving forwards in life, especially where changes of status are involved.

It is possible that the echo those familiar pillars is here in the composition of the figures which often echo the colour coding shown in The Hierophant.

the lovers tarot card marseilles deckIt’s an unfortunate title as it instantly produces the sort of ‘tall dark stranger’ response in the mind.  It is a card that symbolizes male and female unity, the essential 1+1=3 of human reproduction, and the blessing of this union by an overseeing angel.  There is sacrifice – a woman leaves behind her innocence with her virginity, a man surrenders his freedom for responsibility, and the card underlines the significance, power and importance of these acts, of the new responsibilities.  It is a card that invariably loses power with a society where serial monogamy is the norm and tends to be seen as a new love interest challenging the old established one, thus a choice must be made… etc etc…
    However: This card has also been called "The Decision." It can indicate necessary decisions that have little or nothing to do with matters of the heart, in terms of romance at least. In such cases, it means that we must decide with our whole heart, without rancor, and without keeping an escape route open. On a purely symbolic level the card speaks of choice and sacrifice, of taking on new responsibilities, of the consequences of change and progress. And at a relationship level it still reminds us of the power of unconditional love and the altruistic sacrifices this can entail. This of course also serves at the higher level of sacrifice for the good of the many, for ideals. So, put aside thoughts of the tall, dark stranger – this card asks some quite serious questions about desires, responsibilities and choices and warns against excessive sentimentality and indecisiveness.












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