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fool the magician
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The Magician

the magician
Unlike the High Priestess in this deck, the Magician keeps his Y Fronts on... Note the depiction of six 'chakra' points - modesty possibly conceals the seventh, and compare these with 'the four temperaments' (the humors of Hippocrates) recently increased to five (Arno profiling).

Magician, Mage, Wizard, Wise Man... The Wise Man v Wise Woman pairing runs through the Tarot - see the High Priestess. The Magician also links with Strength - note the curious shape of the hat which symbolises infinity.

(See 'Strength' for in depth notes on the origins of the 'lemniscate' hat)

marseilles tarot magicianCivilization is built upon language, and language is much more than the exchange of spoken and written messages.  Language is in our marriage rules, our economic systems, our systems of power. Individually, it is how we remember – our memories are coded sensory experiences.  As we know from experts in hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming, ‘super language’ can be used to command with great effect.  Words are powerful and can make spells – it is no surprise that our word ‘grammar’ derives from ‘grimoire’ – a secure, bound volume of spells and arcane knowledge.  Little realizing this, we are all of us Magicians, each day using the magic of language which makes things work for us, binds things – and people – to us. Mastery of our basic ability as a Magician is the beginning of our journey – we have only just begin to learn what we are capable of, who we are inside.  The Magician represents beginnings.  Many divinatory packs reserve this card and The High Priestess as ‘significators’.
    The Magician represents cleverness, skillfulness, self-confidence, and actively creating your own life. He stands for a time in which we also master difficult problems and successfully face challenges with a keen consciousness and worldly wisdom. Although this card depicts the strength of conscious powers, it does not express the idea that feeling and other unconscious powers are to be neglected in the process. On the contrary: the extraordinary influential powers and effectiveness shown by the Magician are based upon the secret of deep harmony between the conscious and the unconscious. It is only the inner certainty, which then occurs, that is capable of moving mountains.













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