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The Empress

She's bossy but somehow loveable. With 4 Queens in the deck why this separate, and seemingly superior Empress? Calling her The Queen wouldn't work, the idea of lineage would distract. This is woman in charge, woman on top territory, referring to where the feminine & yin aspects of life dominate.

Note, however, the absence of The High Priestess's pillars (and whatever they lead to).

This is the 'tamed' face of bountiful nature, mother earth, the provider, the nurturer. Not forgetting she still has a 'cruel' side capable of taking away and 'destroying' - of returning what man has wrought to its natural state.

empress tarot marseilles

The once all powerful Moon Goddess remains acceptable as Mother Earth, worshipped discreetly at Harvest Festivals. The Empress is a card for all of us people, she is the embodiment of our hopes and ambitions, she is the spirit that makes all ships female. She is the mother-sister-lover, femininity itself, where nature and nurture combine.  She is the caring, protecting and rearing side of us all, and represents parenthood at all levels.  The Empress represents our instinctive altruistic desire to care for others and indeed, to create families.  Beauty is sought by The Empress who desires everything to look as perfect as she strives to make it. In some positions and contexts this can be excessive, can indicate a ‘nannying’ tendency and a fussy or perfectionist trait.












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