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Coins represent the practical side of life, especially in terms of meeting appetites. They also reflect the aesthetic sense and all things sensual, the way we interface with the world. Character wise, coins accord with the type known as 'analytical' in the sense that they vary from the naturally practical providers to the most highly prepared and thorough. There is always a sense of method and thoroughness with cups, of preparedness and it is the lack of flexibility, of the ability to improvise and wing it that is the flip side.

Coins represent the element earth and the signs
Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo. See the minor arcana page for details of all the associations.

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The Ace of Coins
Aces are potential and new beginnings. Here, an increase in possessions, or in earning power is identified. It’s important to remember that this is potential and that it is necessary for you to act: the placing of the card and the card it is linked with will show this.
This card is often associated, with great optimism, with riches and material abundance. I think its because its shown as a very large coin... It’s more accurately seen as a positive omen, a sign of potential plenty - the coin sending down roots will grow and produce a harvest - eventually. The essential point is that it has to be planted - action must be taken if this potential is to be realised, and beyond initiating things, the care and attention it is given will be reflected in the quality and quantity of the harvest.

2 of  Coins
The Two of Coins: 2s are antithesis – something becomes possible or requires attention and before you act on it you think of an alternative. Opposition or balance there is a choice to be made. Here there are practical choices to be made – in many cases this involves juggling things unless and until you choose to drop something to make things smoother, easier.

3 of Coins
3s have a strong positive feeling. They are the potential, symbolised by the fertility which the Empress confers, they are the synthesis, the outcome, the forward spread of progress promised by Marxist theory, they are symbolized by the triangle as a stable, supportive structure - think of the tripod that supports a camera or, on a larger scale, a vital survival shelter.
The Marxist theory of history gives us 1 - Thesis, followed by 2 - Antithesis resulting in 3 - Synthesis. Bear with me, it has nothing specifically to do with Communism! Lets see it as this - you have a King, one ruler, which over time becomes a tyranny and results in the rise of anti-monarchism and rebellion. Synthesis: a new ruling order. It works the other way too - a Liberal democracy can move towards anarchy and result in a call for a move back to ‘the right’ - result a coup and a tougher regime. History is littered with a continuous kaleidoscopic shifting of power structures along these lines. You can apply it a simpler level to single lives, even to issues: from two elements comes a third. Perhaps a compromise but an outcome supportive of progress.
Apply this to Coins and the 3 is suggestive of a relationship forming – a practical one, possibly a business one, it shows individuals or independent strands, being successfully put together as a practical concept.

4 of Coins
Anything new, be it a relationship, a job or a business venture, goes through a number of successive phases - establishment, consolidation, expansion... To use a business model. Linked to The Emperor card, 4s represent that part of the model which is ‘consolidation’. Something has begun well enough but now needs to grow. The Emperor is expansive. Coins are connected with material things, with how we connect to the physical world. The traditionally ‘blocked’ or ‘plateau’ nature of the 4 does not mean being trapped, albeit perhaps stuck: in the case of the 4 of Coins there is often a sense of being wilfully stuck in the sense of clinging to traditions and old ways, even though they are clearly outgrown.

5 of Coins
Changes, and restlessness are shown by the 5's. Things that affect stability, or challenge it. Here these events are in the physical structure of your life – the material and practical framework that supports you. A change of scenery, or financial struggles can be indicated. This card can also show that someone is loved by the questioner, a fact that affects their life dramatically in these ways.

6 of Coins
Sixes always involve an element of choice and an element of sacrifice. It isn’t as major and life changing as when their parent card, The Lovers, pays a call but has a significance nonetheless. This foundation 6 shows that a choice has been made and is the major influence over events in the near future. More importantly, the choice has been made from a practical viewpoint, rather than from an emotional or reactionary one. This is utterly in keeping with the nature of a native earth sign and will show great determination and clear sight from natives of other elements. It is more than likely that appropriate advice and guidance has been sought.

7 of Coins
The Chariot, the archetype for control, rules the 7s and applied to Coins it suggests a new era of possibilities which comes as something of a surprise. In terms of reward, its been hard earned, but Coins aren’t just about material things they’re about our interface with the real, physical world - our appetites, the sensuous - the realm of all the senses together. The real meaning here is that of feeling overwhelmed - not necessarily an unpleasant thing, but its a reminder to rethink your life and all its infrastructure - how you organise things, your routines, how you run - control - your life, make time for all the things you need and enjoy.

8 of Coins
A skill or craft becomes profitable or in some similar way contributes to your greater well-being. The Eight of Coins also governs learning through doing, and reflects the Confucian proverb:
I see and I forget, I hear and I remember, I do and I understand
The sense here is of taking some ability and putting it to practical use - it can also reflect taking some adult learning or training to polish and enhance your skills. It can be the possibility of putting an ability to use as a part time money earner or even replacing your full time job. It isn’t all about money though, its about the need to use this ability and the pleasure that gives, plus the sense of putting something back, contributing, helping, taking part...

9 of Coins
Sometimes its easier to use cards that call ‘Coins’ - ‘Pentacles’ - the very mention of Coins’ association with the material world brings money into the picture. Often this is quite appropriate but the wider association of Coins needs to be kept in mind: Coins represent Earth and in this sense they represent the sensual- the realm of the senses, how we connect with the world we perceive, how we interface. With the other suits concentration on energy, thought and feelings, Coins bring us face to face, and hand to hand with others and with the physical world which we experience in thousands of ways (who on earth said there were but 5 senses? - that’s nonsense!). Nines indicate a state of nearness, of being close to completion or fulfillment, and in the sensual, material realm of Coins, this will often suggest the mechanism that supports us, the ways in which we have plugged ourselves into the world and connected with it in order to sustain ourselves and shelter ourselves, those elements essential before any ‘higher’ matters can be comfortably tackled. The 9 will indicate being very close to the stage where any preoccupation with this basic material need fades away leaving us free to explore other things.

10 of Coins
10's represent completion and the 10 of coins further marks potential. Coins represent our physical presence in the world we perceive, how we interact with it. This includes how we support our physical selves, an essential part of life too easily overlooked when we get lost amongst the feelings, ideas and desires of life. Coins are essential appetites and the 10 here tells us that we have reached the stage where we can concentrate our energy on ‘higher’ things.

Page of Coins
When representing an event, the Page of Coins almost always refers to a material or career matter. A new job or a promotion in your current job can be predicted by his appearance. In any case, good financial news is hoped for and you should be alert for a messenger who will enter your life to bring you this news. Even if the news doesn't seem to be good at first glance, there is always potential in the messages the Page of Coins brings. Your task in such situation is to examine the message and figure out what the real opportunity is.

Knight of coins
His energy manifests in three ways: as an event that you will experience, a person whom you will meet, or a part of yourself that needs to be developed and expressed. As an event, the Knight of Coins often shows a time when you will have to assume responsibility and take charge of a situation. You could be assigned a project or given a task to do, and you will have to devote some of your time to see that project end successfully. Perhaps the responsibility will not be due to a new project, but an old failure that you have to account for. In either case, stand tall and accept responsibility without any complaints. Where another man will charge in head-first, and end up doing little more than hurting himself, the person represented by the Knight of Coins will assess the situation first - Then he will strike with the force of a hurricane, decisively and implacably. He is a dedicated worker and a loyal servant; when he says something will get done, it will. His persistence is virtually inexhaustible and he'll keep at a task until it's complete. His word is as strong as his hand, and he takes all of his promises seriously. He likes doing things the old-fashioned way, and it could be said that his weakness is his lack of imagination. The old ways work fine for him, and he dislikes those who cannot keep their heads out of the clouds.

Queen of Coins
Coins represent the element Earth and its association with worldly things, the material and the practical. The court cards stand apart from the association with events and directions that the rest of the minor cards have and are more indicative of mood and identity. The Queens represent the life skills more associated with the feminine side and are supportive of socialising and problem solving, acting cooperatively, intuitively and giving nurture. As a female card, drawn by a female questioner it strongly indicates a focus on the self in relation to the issues surrounding the card.
The Queen of Coins is the most grounded of the four. She is firmly in touch with the material world and enjoys its sensual pleasures - and these include the feeling of rain on your face, wind in your hair, the scent of mown grass and wildflowers, the feeling of silk against skin... Just as much as the physical excitement of a lover’s caress. All these things are natural as breathing to this Queen and just as necessary. She favours generosity and is very good with practical and financial matters. Loyalty and reliability are important to her and form the bridge by which she is able to cross from the mundane ‘real’ world to a more special and spiritual place. Not easily embarrassed, the Queen of Coins is closest to man’s fantasy of housekeeper-courtesan with shrewd business partner thrown in - when she is good, she is very, very good and when she is naughty... she’s terrific.

King of Coins
No one has a stronger character than the King of Coins. His word is as good as his gold, and certainly just as valuable. Whatever he says he will do, will get done. But the King is in it for profit. He's a businessman to the core, the master of the material world. This could be seen as a fault, and it can certainly become so if he lets it get too far out of hand, but this rarely happens. He has too much experience and intelligence to be swept away by the allure of money; he prefers the security and peace of mind that it brings him. A lot of people see him as dull and unimaginative, but this is probably because he simply prefers old ways of thinking and acting. This is not to say that he refuses to learn new things; in fact, he likes learning and has a wide variety of skills to call upon. But the old methods usually work best for him and so he sticks with them. He is relied upon because of his devotion to duty and his trustworthiness. It's rare to see him get angry, because he has a steady temperament and a very long fuse. But he is unforgiving to those who violate his trust, and for those people he has absolutely no mercy.

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