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the elements: there is no argument here with those who like to point out that there is a periodic table with somewhat more than four elements and why o why o why etc etc... we are dealing with a very old reference system which only found it necessary to distinguish (for these purposes) four symbolic building blocks representative of life and its essential, key varieties. A more modern variation of such thinking can be seen by psychometric character typing with four basic types and the permutations afforded by subdividing each into four again, thus from the types 'Driver', 'Analytic', 'Expressive' & 'Aimiable'as main categories, 'Drivers' can be realised as 'analytic drivers', 'aimiable drivers', 'expressive drivers' or 'driver-drivers'.  No-one is wholly and solely one type, this is simply a way to describe the types of influences that go into a personal mix, where some aspects may be more marked than others. 

associated with earth
Physicality is the prime association, in both the sensuous and the material frames of reference.Natural appetites for food, for sex and for achievement are linked with earth - consider the terms earth-mother, earthy and earthed. Practicality, loyalty, stubbornness, nurture - our interface with the world we perceive through our senses.
earth personality
Earth types are pragmatic and work-orientated, often methodical and traditionally minded. Healthy appetites, good natured grumbling and incisive critical abilities - linked to a strong analytic  bent - characterise earth types. Dependable, consistent, often blunt, they manage their time well, especially when it comes to making time for sleep - another appetite that isn't neglected.

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