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Your sun sign is a more complex thing than you may realise - are you first, second or third decan? Or a cusper? Find out below.
Ever felt that your Sun Sign doesn't really 'get' you?

Astrology delivers its best results when it focuses on character and behaviour. It persists because it attaches strongly to our sense of identity and its accuracy in this area is due to its basis in observation. Western, Chinese, Mayan... all astrologies are strongest and clearest when addressing identity. Did you know that your Chinese astrological identity is a mixture of three signs, not just the one? The animal sign for the year is the one we are all familar with but you also have animal signs for the month and the hour of birth - a 'hidden' sign and a 'secret' sign respectively. The sign for the year is broadly equivalent to Western astrology's Ascendant sign, the character we project, whilst the Western sun sign is closer to the 'hidden' sign, the person we are inside. The 'secret' sign is said to be the real person who only emerges at times of great stress.

Western astrology approaches things differently but is no less complicated: You have a sun sign describing your essential nature (your full character is described by its combination with the rising (Ascendant) sign, the moon sign and the signs housing the other planets). If you have ever felt that your Sun Sign doesn't quite 'get' the essential you, however, consider this... There are 12 zodiac signs but these are broad divisions - each of the 12 signs is further divided into four sub groups and each of these groups adds significantly to the description of your character.  For example, born August 14th I am not just a 'Leo' but a 'Leo 3' and that brings the additional name & image of 'Leadership', while Leo 1's have the image of 'Authority' and leo 2's 'Balanced Strength'. Each of the sub groups covers a period of a week with the last of the four featuring the cusp of the next sign.

Aries - are you The Child, The Star, The Pioneer or do you have the image of Power that comes from the Aries-Taurus cusp a sign which has included Hitler, Lenin & Lucrezia Borgia in its ranks  - but also Shakespeare and Barbra Streisand, in case you were getting concerned...!

This page will give a thought provoking glimpse of the real detail in your sun sign... your unique birth chart and analysis - your Astrological Profile - will add far, far more.


No other site gives you more detail about the cusps, and helps you understand your special place in the astrological scheme. Each cusp's main sign shown here is technically the first named of the two signs in the cusp - if you are a cusper, your sun is close to the end of that first named sign where the next sign takes over and if you are born on the day the signs change you will need to check which sun sign applies as it isn't a neat midnight switch. The actual moment when the sign changes from one to the other requires a proper birth chart to calculate and knowledge of your time of birth. 



William Shatner,
Ursula Andress,
Chaka Khan
& Steve McQueen
pisces - aries cusp
element quality rulers image 
water / fire mutable / cardinal Neptune / Mars Rebirth

Direct and outspoken, and equally admired and misunderstood as a result, these indomitable characters refuse to moderate their attitudes and often get their own way through sheer insistence. They combine the deep and dreamy sensitivity and emotiveness of Pisces with Aries' willful energy - dreamers and doers all in one.
attractions advice

other cusps, especially Libra-Scorpio & taurus-gemini

Learn to be patient. Cultivate social skills & be less impetuous

march 25
- april 2

Eric Idle, Frieda Hughes
Vincent van Gogh
aries I
element quality rulers image
fire cardinal Mars The Child
Open and energetic, frank yet child-like. They are sensitive to criticism and can sulk and withdraw when tasked. A low frustration level can see tempers flare up but its usually brief. Spontaneous & lively they are highly independent but need to share and will suffer if they go overlong without affection, and the chance to show it.
attractions advice
Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio Cultivate a quiet side and focus aggressive tendencies. Do not deny yourself affection and support.
april 3- 10

Bette Davis
Jacques Brel
eddie murphy
Eddie Murphy
aries II
element quality rulers image
fire cardinal Mars The Star
Success oriented & driven to attract attention, can be egotistical but sometimes lack this altogether. Self important, they need sympathy and understanding but often rebuff it when it is offered. Relentless pursuers of their dreams they sometimes lose touch with their true personalities and rely on trusted advisors to keep them grounded.
attractions advice
Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio Develop hidden talents, don't tease, be less needy of affection
april 11 - 18

Sir John Gielgud
Loretta Lynn
Charlie Chaplin
aries III
element quality rulers image
fire cardinal Mars the pioneer
Inspirational & drawn to causes rather their own careers.Strong believers in the power of human thought, especially when used collectively, towards creating a better world and tireless campaigners. Can be swept away with themselves and do things for others' own good whether they want it or not, sometimes causing harm to make little progress.
attractions advice
Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio Curb your enthusiasm! Beware of people takig advantage & using you. Listen more.

april 19-24

Shakespeare & Barbra Streisand,
Hitler, Lenin, & Lucrezia Borgia!*
aries - taurus cusp
element quality rulers image
fire / earth cardinal / fixed Mars / venus power
Influential and dominant personalities who are not comfortable when being dominated by another or by authority generally. Unrushed and capable of excellent planning and preparation they can succeed against the odds & the calmer, grounded side of their character can usually balance their fiery energy and determination.
attractions advice
other cusps, especially taurus-gemini
and Scorpio-Sagittarius
Be less overpowering, learn to delegate. Be more sensitive to the feelings of others
note - the advice given to those who share a cusp with Hitler, Lenin & Lucretia Borgia (also Catherine the Great) begins " be less overpowering..." !!

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april 25 - may 2

Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer & Saddam Hussein
taurus I
element quality rulers image
earth fixed venus manifestation

Pragmatic, often stubborn but susceptible to charm. Decisive but agreeable and easy going, when things are going well, but prone to depression when not so well. Patient but sometimes missing the boat through excessive caution, they are not natural leaders but excellent parents and protectors.
attractions advice
Libra, Scorpio, capricorn
Avoid too much responsibility where possible, avoid putting things off , work on surprising others - and yourself

may 3 - may 10

Machiavelli, Karl Marx, Eva Peron & Fred Astaire
taurus II
element quality rulers image
earth fixed venus the teacher

These characters have a message and are fascinated by developing techniques concerned with transmitting ideas. Natural teachers and leaders by example, they often combine all this with radical and unconventional ideas
attractions advice
Libra, Scorpiocapricorn
Take the time to play, chill. Admit your own errors and find a teacher you can follow, too.

may 11 - may 18

George Lucas, Katherine Hepburn, Stevie Wonder, & Dennis Hopper
taurus III
element quality rulers image
earth fixed venus the natural

Highly sensitive, often self-taught to a high standard, they value natural behaviour and nature. Free spirits often chided for being naive or even primitive in outlook, they can be inhibited by criticism and are generally less 'together' than they seem. Often displaying a natural grace.
attractions advice
Libra, Scorpiocapricorn Set personal standards even higher & explore the depths of your own personality.

may 19 - may 24


Cher, Bob Dylan, Queen Victoria & Joan Collins
taurus-gemini cusp
element quality rulers image
earth/air fixed/mutable venus/mercury energy
The eternal adolescents of the zodiac, energetic & convincing.Whatever they like to do, they do a lot. Versatile but sometimes stretch themselves too  much and wear themselves out. Much more talkative than most Taureans, they lack some of that signs emotional sensitivity but are less unstable than Geminis can be, though can display a cool and unsympathetic side at times.
attractions advice
other cusps, especially ARIES-taurus & Sagittarius-Capricorn Pace yourself and be more consistent. Confront fears & insecurities, be less possessive.

may 25 - june 2

Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields, Marilyn Monroe & Thomas Hardy
gemini I
element quality rulers image
air mutable mercury freedom

Fighters for what they believe in and often arouse antagonism. They haste wasting time, especially in needless discussion and feel that if they are not understood then it isn't their problem. Unfinished projects can abound as they hop from idea to idea but they are capable of taking responsibilities very seriously - without this, they often wind up troubled and erratic types.
attractions advice
virgo libra sagittarius
Learn to see things through. Find an outlet for your aggression. Avoid escapism.
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june 3 - 10

Prince, Judy Garland,
 Cole Porter
shilpa shetty
Shilpa Shetty
gemini II
element quality rulers image
air mutable mercury new language

Love to be original but may sometimes baffle others in the process. Complex in their thoughts, quick to criticise but themselves as much as others and can be obsessed with details. Lovers of debate and discussion.
attractions advice
virgo libra sagittarius
Slow down... learn the values of silence, cultivate friendships beyond the superficial 

june 11 - 18

Paul McCartney, Che Guevara, Jacques Cousteau,
Caroline Quentin
gemini III
element quality rulers image
air mutable mercury the seeker

Adventurers in both the physical and metaphysical realms. Restless, hard to pin down & keep up with but can get bogged down with pleasing others. Lively, rarely dull, will always find something to explore, even when housebound - and this can include cooking, finances & raising the family in novel but effective ways.
attractions advice
virgo libra sagittarius
You are likely to miss what is right in front of you. Don't feel you have to explore everything deeply and allow yourself to be pessimistic now and then.
John Lennon is Libra 2, George Harrison Pisces 1, and Ringo is a Cancer 2

june 19 - 24

Errol Flynn, Meryl Streep, Salman Rushdie
gemini-cancer cusp
element quality rulers image
air / water mutable / cardinal mercury / moon Magic

Inspired and with a devotional streak often demonstrated in caring for others or for a cause, egos - often significant - can be put on hold or used in a practical way. Caught in the clash between their sharp, logical thinking and their emotional nature, Canceminis are able to make magic from this, especially when they seek the ecstatic moments life can deliver.
attractions advice
other cusps,  aquarius-pisces & scorpio sagittarius especially Use your magical gift wisely & sparingly. Beware of losing yourself in the moment and taking your eye off the ball & of letting destructive emotions have their way.

june 25 - july 2

Princess Diana, Carly Simon & Mike Tyson
cancer I
element quality rulers image
water  cardinal moon the empath

Quick intuitive understanding of the needs of others and their motives, a skill that allows Cancer I to get its own way quite easily in life. Inclined to be shrewd in business and finances, these natural sellers often succeed in material life, which they devote to their home. They can be defensive but are not afraid to use that best form of defence, attack and the sudden switch from one to other can be startling.
attractions advice
pisces scorpio aquarius
Don't bottle up feelings and try not to let your aggressive side run riot when feeling threatened or cheated.

july 3 - 10

Franz Kafka, George W Bush  Shelley Duvall Ringo Starr & Sylvester Stallone
cancer II
element quality rulers image
water  cardinal moon the unconventional

Not always as they seem and a rich, 'fantasy' life just below the surface. In touch with their unconscious and drawn to the strange & mystical, the occult. Good observers and storytellers who tend to keep in the background.
attractions advice
pisces scorpio aquarius Get out more! Work on being less sensitive, on being thicker skinned. Put that imagination to creative use.

july 11 - 18

Harrison Ford,  Nelson Mandela,
Patrick Stewart
burt kwouk
Burt Kwouk
cancer III
element quality rulers image
water  cardinal moon the persuader

Natural people managers and team builders, persuasive but can become overbearing and repressive. Can manipulate others feelings and need to respect this ability as they can be upsetting but are usually well motivated, and good at motivating others
attractions advice
pisces scorpio aquarius
Allow others their freedom of expression and don't assume you are always right - but be more confident, at a deep level, about what you do well. You really do!

july 19 - 25

Diana Rigg, Ernest Hemingway & Alexander the Great
cancer-leo cusp
element quality rulers image
water / fire  cardinal / fixed moon / sun oscillation

Volatile and almost bi-polar in their personality shifts, as they shift from thought mode to feeling mode and back again but rarely blending the two. Vibrant, exciting and needing challenges, strength and natural grace typify them.
attractions advice
other cusps and especially libra-scorpio & capricorn-aquarius
Work on putting thought behind your feelings and letting feelings into your deeper thoughts, try to smooth out the highs and the lows, aiming for confident, self-disciplined calm first.

july 26 - august 2

Carl Jung, Marcel Duchamp, Mussolini,Arnold Schwarzenegger & J K Rowling
leo I
element quality rulers image
fire   fixed sun authority

Powerfully authoritative, natural leaders who like to assert themselves and be taken seriously. Energy is channeled inwards and their goals tend to be private. They don't blend into the wallpaper but leap out. They find moodiness and negativity in others hard to deal with.
attractions advice
other leos!
also scorpio & capricorn

Accept people as they are, be more diplomatic & sensitive. Don't overlook your own life decisions...

august 3 -10

Andy Warhol, Dustin Hoffman, Neil Armstrong
leo II
element quality rulers image
fire   fixed sun balanced strength

Proud, gravitating to challenging activities with risk and danger. Faithful, loyal, champions of the underdog & downtrodden. They mix well at all levels and lack pretension. Taking disappointment well, they are able to play the 'long game' - they prefer independence to leadership, and like a well-defined life.
attractions advice
other leos!
also scorpio & capricorn
Cultivate compromise & diplomacy. Stay open and be more vulnerable to emotion. Be easier on yourself & your expectations.

august 11 -18

Fidel Castro, Napoleon, Madonna, Robert de Niro
Ted Hughes
 Halle Berry
leo III
element quality rulers image
fire   fixed sun leadership

Born leaders, whether ruling outright or leading through ideas & ethics, they do not like to bring up the rear. Deep, emotionally complex with dark, volcanic energies which can erupt in great bursts of energy or anger. They demand a lot of understanding from those close, and even from themselves, but they are very uncomfortable if they sense that they are not liked or thought strange. Great self-confidence leads them to be seen as egotists but their capacity for self-sacrifice is immense.
attractions advice
other leos!
also scorpio & capricorn

Examine your motivations carefully, find some distance from yourself and let someone else have a starring role in your story now and then.

august 19 -25

Bill Clinton, Coco Chanel, Jacqueline Susann &
Deng Xiao Ping
leo-virgo cusp
element quality rulers image
fire / earth   fixed / mutable sun / mercury exposure

Secretive extroverts? A great sense of timing, of knowing when to speak up or out and when to keep mum, and using both to the best advantage. Subtle or dramatic these types enjoy life on many levels, their practicality balances their expressiveness and their intuitiveness is at least double the average, but there is a tendency to watch life from the shadows.
attractions advice
other cusps, especially pisces-aries and taurus-gemini
Recognition will not come if you hide away, or hide your real self. Secrets are one thing but don't become obsessed with them.

august 26 - september2

Ingrid Bergman, Yasser Arafat
Shirley Manson & David Soul

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virgo I
element quality rulers image
earth   mutable mercury System builder

Straightforward & direct, good leadership abilities when applied to a group or cause, less successful when acting more independently. Virgos are more organised than they appear and can be surprisingly strict but more in the need for structures to be followed and maintained than in the rules themselves. Dependable and, partly as a result of this, tending to attract unstable individuals.
attractions advice
gemini Pisces taurus
Soften your stance a bit. Separate home and work more. Be more selfish and pamper yourself more.

september 3 -
september 10


Elizabeth 1st, Peter Sellers, Raquel Welch
virgo II
element quality rulers image
earth   mutable mercury the enigma

Paradoxical and different to fathom with a mysterious nature rooted in intellectual tussles with highly personal quests they find hard to communicate. A mild and agreeable exterior hides a critical and judgmental nature swift to disapprove however keen to approve. Often with a striking appearance, their steely resolve surprises.
attractions advice
gemini Pisces taurus Be more flexible, you don't need to compromise your standards. Gentleness and diplomacy can offset your ctitical nature and don't be afraid to show vulnerability.

september 11 -
september 18


Henry V,
D H Lawrence, Greta Garbo
Tommy Lee Jones
virgo III
element quality rulers image
earth   mutable mercury the literalist

Not slow to demand what they want and Virgo's dutiful side is less apparent. Though they may seem mercenary they do need to give and receive warmth but are highly selective about this. Emotions are difficult to deal with and they don't show a lot of sympathy. Self pity and a lack of self-criticism appalls them, and betrayal is never forgiven.
attractions advice
gemini Pisces taurus
Try to be more sympathetic. Ground your energy by cultivating a love of food, sensuality & good sleep. Don't rely too heavily on others.

september 19 -

september 24


Sophia Loren,
H G Wells,
Fay Weldon,
Maggie Cheung,
 Anna Karina & Bruce Springsteen

virgo-libra cusp
element quality rulers image
earth / air   mutable / cardinal mercury / venus beauty

Drawn to the arts, to attractive people & precious objects, to making their home a special and beautiful place. They develop an attention to detail and an eye for line and design that sees many excel in arts, 
graphics and decor based businesses. With each side of the cup adding influences of taste and aesthetics, they are sometimes seen as superficial and one dimensional which overlooks the depth of their personal vision and the motives behind it.
attractions advice

other cusps, especially Capricorn-Aquarius and Aries-Taurus

Avoid becoming jaded, trendy or compulsive & neglecting your spiritual side for material aims. Appearances are not everything.

september 25 -
october 2

Will Smith
Michael Douglas,
Olivia Newton John
Brigitte Bardot Julie Andrews & Annie Leibowitz

libra I
element quality rulers image
air   cardinal venus the perfectionist
Amongst the most talented and attractive people there are but often unable to advance as they would like to. A perfectionist trait is largely the reason, togther with instability of emotions. Heavy demands are often placed on themselves and their closest friends and partners, largely through high standards for beauty, truth and quality. They may become obsessed with 'fixing things' - making a situation right, whatever it takes.
attractions advice
aquarius aries taurus
Develop self confidence. Avoid putting things off and resist tinkering with things that aren't really broken.
october 3 -
october 10

Waclaw havel, Susan Sarandon,
John Lennon
libra II
element quality rulers image
air   cardinal venus society
Outspoken and forthright, social justice and fairness matter a great deal. Inspiring trust, fun-loving, innovatory and with good taste and judgment, these librans sometimes sidetrack themselves by trying to explore every interesting avenue they find. They may find themselves 'wearing too many hats' to be taken as seriously as they deserve in any one of them.
attractions advice
aquarius aries taurus It is possible to be too selfless and giving. Show those that matter how much you value them. Beware of taking on too much and sidetracking yourself.
october 11 -
october 18

 Margaret Thatcher,
Oscar Wilde,
Eugene O'Neill,
Arthur Miller

libra III
element quality rulers image
air   cardinal venus theatre
Hard-headed realists who succeed through persistence. Style is key and their ambition will not be sold out for something that doesn't match their motivation and purpose. Roleplayers with great image sense, they always appear at ease however much they feel the opposite. In relationships they draw a clear line that establishes the boundaries of their own world and partners may feel left out and neglected unless they appreciate the honesty of this. Quality is important to them and maintaining a high standard, and their reputation with it, is always foremost in their mind.
attractions advice
aquarius aries taurus Don't make promises you can't keep. Be considerate of the feelings of others in emotional matters, this does not have to compromise your wonderful honesty and 'good selfish' true-to-yourself nature.

october 19 -
october 25

Carrie Fisher, Franz Liszt, Pele,  
Snoop Dogg
Pablo Picasso

libra-scorpio cusp
element quality rulers image
air / water   cardinal / fixed venus / pluto / mars the critic

Highly critical, astute commentators on their time, freely giving up their opinion without holding back. Frank and fearless, seeing things as they really are can be a curse at times but these libra-scorpios can handle it, thanks to the detached control of Scorpio alongside Libra's social awareness. Thereis also a wild side to them and a seeking of risky adventure that has to be seen right through to the end.
attractions advice
other cusps, especially taurus-gemini  & sagittarius-capricorn

Relax, play, be less picky. Resist escapism and avoid self-pity by putting away the past and looking to the future.
october 26 -
november 2

Hilary Clinton
Sylvia Plath
Julia Roberts
scorpio I
element quality rulers image
water   fixed pluto / mars intensity

Intense! These are folk that do not let go easily and neither do they compromise. They have an understanding of tragedy and are drawn to it, but are not emotionally dark or depressive by nature. Combative, they don't give an inch when arguing when they habitually take a defensive rather than attacking position and will draw someone in in order to take them, charmingly, apart. Use of charm, especially with their excellent sense of humour, is characteristic and they can tease mercilessly.
attractions advice
capricorn leo pisces
Be as constant as you ask others to be, and be more forgiving of your own errors. Past injuries, baggage can be too heavy to bear always, try to forgive and forget.
november 3 - november 11

Roseanne Barr, Sam Shepherd, Joni Mitchell,
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Demi Moore
scorpio II
element quality rulers image
water   fixed pluto / mars depth

Profound, in touch with the dark side of life, unhurried. Their understanding of the deeper aspects of human thought and behaviour set them apart and can dictate their career directions and interests, where they succeed when able to reconcile their insight with 'normal' life. Change, significant and transformational, happens more slowly for them than for most and can be gradual across many years.
attractions advice
capricorn leo pisces
Beware of brooding but put your insight to productive use. Learn to laugh more and let the sun shine in more often.
november 12 - november 18

Neil Young. Grace Kelly, Whoopi Goldberg
 Danny de Vito

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scorpio III
element quality rulers image
water   fixed pluto / mars charm

Magnetic, sensual and charming but sometimes inclined to use their gifts to take advantage of those dazzled by them.  Good leaders who understand the emotional needs of their staff, they gelegate well and set clear rules and goals. Fond of spoiling themselves, they have a highly developed sensuality which readily attracts others. Aware of their limits and capable of great self-control  it takes a lot to knock them off balance.
attractions advice
capricorn leo pisces Take risks now and then, playing it safe can leave you jaded, seek out challenges occasionally to stay sharp. Be less afraid of failure.
november 19 - november 24

Meg Ryan
Goldie Hawn, George Eliot, Robert F Kennedy,
Billy the Kid
scorpio-sagittarius cusp
element quality rulers image
water / fire   fixed / mutable pluto / mars / jupiter revolution

Rebellious against authority, authoritarian when in authority. Most successful when self-employed / working to own initiative. Self destructive tendencies can be strong due to the internal conflicts of emotion and expressiveness and lead to a self centred petulance at times. Wildness, especially in youth, is often the case, and they see themselves as different to most people, avoiding conventional life paths.
attractions advice
Pisces-Aries & Cancer-Leo cusps.
Follow your vision but don't lose touch with where others are. Keep your motives pure and your intentions honest (that includes to yourself). Be more forgiving and less possessive.
november 25 - december 2

Claude Levi-Strauss,
Jimi Hendrix, Bette Midler, Woody Allen
sagittarius I
element quality rulers image
fire   mutable  jupiter independence

Highly self-reliant, they demand the freedom to think and act to their own code. Their generosity and capacity for care is great for those who depend on them for protection and nurture.  Instinctive, highly intuitive they are difficult to constrain and can be impulsive to the point of rashness.  Often self-taught from choice and often 'outdoors' types, the 'university of life' is a favourite with these philosophical, athletic throwbacks. Creative and well read they can be highly critical and satirical, especially where they perceive foolish behaviour. They see their mockery as positive and helpful. Character and integrity are what they value mist highly.
attractions advice
gemini aries taurus virgo
Keep your emotions steady and try to avoid a high handed approach. Temper expectations and be more forgiving, compromise more.

december 3 - december 10

Joseph Conrad, John Malkovich, Walt Disney,
Tom Waits, Sinead o'Connor,
Joan Armatrading
sagittarius II
element quality rulers image
fire   mutable  jupiter the originator

Different and proud of it. Difficult to categorize & highly individual. Do things their own way, not from rebelliousness but because they see their way as being best and like to remind people of this. They can be difficult and persevere in thgeir own way no matter what conflict it brings. Invariably find similarly minded partners, weak partners would not suit them, but are happy to live at any level as long as it is their way.
attractions advice
gemini aries taurus virgo Let others into your private world more often and spend a little time in theirs, too. Be careful not to corner yourself needlessly through stubbornness alone.

december 11 - december 18

Frank Sinatra, Beethoven, Steven Spielberg
sagittarius III
element quality rulers image
fire   mutable  jupiter the titan

High minded and expansive.  Often craftsmanlike and technically profficient, and often dedicated to a cause. They have a great presence - reassuring or threatening but difficult to ignore. An often irrational fear of inferiority or failure can lead them to extremes of either raging temper or icy silence and their lack of self-confidence can surprise many who perceive them as quite godlike.  These Sagittarians don't court favours and only respect arguments which come froma position of proven strength.
attractions advice
gemini aries taurus virgo Learn to enjoy life's little pleasures and to be more understanding of others. Remember yourself when you apply your ethical standards and focus more on personal growth and devlopment.

december 19 - december 25

Edith Piaf,
Uri Geller, Stalin, Nostradamus

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sagittarius-capricorn cusp
element quality rulers image
fire / earth   mutable / cardinal  jupiter / saturn prophecy

Sensing and shaping the future, these cuspers are invariably well prepared for what lies ahead. This can make them great initiators of projects but they often lack patience with those fail to appreciate their vision.  The intuitive energy and restlessness of Sagittarius can conflict with the more measured, earthy Capricorn influence but this latter can be a highly effective and powerful brake, allowing individuals to take the proper time to see things through with calculated effect.
attractions advice
taurus-gemini & leo-virgo cusps
Temper your intensity and take the time to understand your moods. Work on friendship and avoid cutting yourself off from those who can support you.

december 26 - january 2

Marlene Dietrich, Tracey Ullman, Henri Matisse, Maggie Smith
capricorn I
element quality rulers image
earth    cardinal  saturn the ruler

Authoritative, they need to be the boss and to lay down the law. They rule rather than lead. Courageous, they rarely back down and once a decision is made it is pretty well set in stone.  Often specialists in some field of knowledge they pride themselves on being experts and have scant regard for 'dabblers'.  They tend to oppose injustice and stand up for the underdog but their view of this matures to quite conservative, traditional ideas of what and who underdogs are.
attractions advice
taurus scorpio leo
Let others take the lead sometimes and encourage them to succeed. Acknowledge your mistakes and let them pass. Don't keep to ideas that are no longer current just for the sake of tradition.


january 3 -
january 9

J R R Tolkien, Isaac Newton, Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey
capricorn II
element quality rulers image
earth    cardinal  saturn detrmination

Highly determined, quietly driven, they make their talents go a long way and hold dear to "1% inspiration, 99% perspiration". Pragmatic and practical, motive is less important to them than outcome.  They are strivers, happy to take quite visible roles and though feeling prepared to fail, will be surprised and nonplussed if they do, indeed they can sometimes be tempted to bend the rules to ensure that this doesn't happen.
attractions advice
taurus scorpio leo
Recognise your limitations and occasionally admit a defeat. Keep your ideals firmly grounded and don't be afraid to show vulnerability.

january 10 -
january 16

Joan of Arc, George Foreman,
Pat Benatar, Kirstie Allie
Heather Mills
capricorn III
element quality rulers image
earth    cardinal  saturn dominance

Strongly dominant types who look up to authority and aspire to rule themselves. Very territorial. Steadfast and have a stabilizing effect on others. Where leadership is less of an option they often settle for security in all things and this can repress their expressive side. Over-achievers who tend to carve themselves a niche in the world which becomes their personal empire.
attractions advice
taurus scorpio leo Don't be afraid to take chances occasionally - in terms of people as well as things. be more flexible and less insistent on security above all things.

january 17
january 22

Geena Davis, Federico Fellini, Janis Joplin, Placido Domingo
capricorn-aquarius cusp
element quality rulers image
earth / air    cardinal / fixed  saturn / uranus mystery

Imaginative, often flamboyant natural entertainers. Even the quietr ones have highly active private, fantasy and dream lives. Quick witted and erratic they lean on the more stable and conservative Capricorn but are nevertheless impulsive in thought and deed, prone to unusual experiences and if not finding adventure in the real world, are drawn to artistic expressions of it.
attractions advice
cancer-leo & scorpio-sagittarius cusps
An outlet for creative expresson is a must and try to communicate your experience of life meaningfully. Don't be put off by criticism or lack of understanding but persist.


january 23
january 30

Mozart, Humphrey Bogart,
, Oprah Winfrey

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aquarius I
element quality rulers image
air    fixed  uranus genius

Precocious, the Mozart sign of potential genius gives heightened perception and swiftness of intellect together, very often, with a natural talent. There is also the downside of being easily bored, lacking patience, and having a quirky sense of humour which isn't to everyone's taste. There is, however, a real love of friendship and company but this can be beset with problems when jealousy or adulation complicate things.
attractions advice
aries gemini libra Cultivate patience and calm, try to remain grounded. Let frustration wash away and always acknowledge your skill thankfully.

january 31
february 7

Franz Schubert, Boris Yeltsin,   Ronald Reagan,
 Chris Rock,
 Charlotte Rampling
Bob Marley
aquarius II
element quality rulers image
air    fixed  uranus youth & ease

They manage work and day to day life with an easy grace that is very impressive and is due to their hard learned and much practised technique, which is not visible. Much as they make life appear easy, these hard working and youthfully minded Aquarians often experience problems in relationships which stem from a virtuoso characteristic - So much do they master most tasks they set themselves, they lack patience with those who don't share their ability or application. They also come to expect, and even to depend upon, a degree of admiration from others and have expectations of recognition which might not always be met.
attractions advice
aries gemini libra
Acknowledge your deeper feelings and be less dependent on the opinions of others. Don't feel obliged to please and entertain.


february 8

february 15

Jules Verne, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Molly Ringwald

aquarius III
element quality rulers image
air    fixed  uranus acceptance

Ideas people, visionaries, socially conscious with excellent foresight - true clear-sightedness very often (the true meaning of 'clairvoyance'). They are very open to ideas and people that others find 'off the wall' and this increases with age. Alive and colourful, if afflicted by mood swings, they defend their beliefs against any amount of criticism and opposition but though mere derision doesn't bother them, they can react badly to personal attacks.
attractions advice
aries gemini libra
Cultivate meaningful social interaction and demand that others are as accepting as you are. Understand and make use of your clear sightedness and never allow rejection to lower your self esteem.

february 16
february 22

George Washington,
Toni Morrison, Yoko Ono, John Travolta, Cybil Shepherd, Greta Scacchi, Matt Dillon, Molly Ringwald

aquarius-pisces cusp
element quality rulers image
air / water    fixed / mutable  uranus / neptune sensitivity

Dreamers and visionaries who connect their inner selves directly with the universal. They have little concern with managing everyday life and are strongly aware of how changing the world can begin with just one person. The dynamism of Aquarius with its universal outlook can be both challenged and enhanced by Pisces natural affability and intensely dreamy nature - this can go well when their sensitivity can be practically used but could lead to unrealistic dreams and expectations.
attractions advice
Gemini-cancer cusp & leo-virgo cusp
Don't retreat from the world but tackle obstructions and let your sensitive side show you the truth.  Learn to trust and share.

february 23
march 2

Victor Hugo, Elizabeth Taylor
George Harrison
Mikhail Gorbachev
pisces I
element quality rulers image
water    mutable  neptune spirit

Mind over matter is a key belief and they often diregard the material world to pursue idealistic causes. Ideas, music, art, dance, life could be one long festival for these believers: for belief itself is at the core of Pisces 1 whether it is a belief in nature itself or any one of the world's religious beliefs.  Anything but egoistic they can still be aloof at times, and the switch from gregarious to solitary can confuse others whom the Pisces can put on 'hold' while things central to their belief are sorted out.
attractions advice
aquarius cancer scorpio
Be more aggressive and keep everyday life in focus. Beware of alienating yourself and being exclusive on your higher plane. Heightened consciousness does not require you to shirk responsibilities for practical matters.

march 3
march 10

Alexander Graham Bell,
Lynn Redgrave
pisces II
element quality rulers image
water    mutable  neptune the loner

Loners, even when surrounded by friends and family they remain very much in a world of their own. And their closest friends and family usually love them for it, for they get to share Pisces 2's rare gift of true intimacy. These sensitive and quietly passionate souls  can suffer being singled out by the harsh, wider world and sometimes retreat from society. Others become increasingly private because they find it more rewarding and conducive to their work success.
attractions advice
aquarius cancer scorpio Stay realistic in outlook and resist the lure of escapism. Strive for trust and acceptance and learn to stand up for yourself. Remember, you are not alone!


march 11
march 18

Liza Minelli, Albert Einstein, Rudolf Nureyev.

pisces III
element quality rulers image
water    mutable  neptune the loner

Probably the most intuitive people around, the most likely to be in tune with natural and alternative therapies and meditative techniques. The very 'unreal' factor of this can ve detrimental for those Pisces 3s who haven't developed practical skills to a great degree. Others may try to fly before they can walk and most will be aware that all things are relative but will still try to see a universal principle and will spend a lot of time swinging between these views trying to resolve the contradiction that threatens them.
attractions advice
aquarius cancer scorpio
Don't neglect to build yourself a firm, practical foundation to rest on. Accept that there are limits to what you can achieve and overcome, be prepared to compromise now and then and work hard on personal development.

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who do you share a sign with?

william shatner

William Shatner:
A Pisces Aries Cusp

 as are:
chaka khanursula andress
Chaka Khan  & Ursula Andress
eric idle
eric idle - an aries 1
frieda hughes
frieda hughes - aries 1
bette davis
bette davis - aries 2 eyes...
joss stone
joss stone - aries 3
sarah michelle geller - aries 3
barbra streisand
barbra streisand - aries-taurus cusp
maria sharapova
as is maria sharapova
michelle pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer: Taurus 1
al pacino
as is Al Pacino
Martha Wainwright
Martha Wainwright, Taurus 2
eva peron
Eva Peron, Taurus 2
george lucas
george lucas: Taurus 3
katherine hepburn
Katherine Hepburn
Cher: Taurus-Gemini cusp
clint eastwood
Clint Eastwood - Gemini 1
marilyn monroe
Marilyn Monroe - gemini 1
Prince - Gemini 2
judy garland
Judy Garland - Gemini 2
paul mccartney
Paul McCartney - gemini 3
caroline quentin
Caroline Quentin - gemini 3
errol flynn
Errol Flynn: Gemini-Cancer 
meryl streep
Meryl Streep: Gemini-Cancer 
princess diana
Princess Diana: Cancer 1
liv tyler
Liv Tyler: Cancer 1
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shelley duvall
Shelley Duvall: Cancer 2
George W Bush
George W Bush: Cancer 2
patrick stewart
Patrick Stewart: Cancer 3
harrison ford
Harrison Ford: Cancer 3
diana rigg
Diana Rigg: Cancer-Leo 
natalie wood
Natalie Wood: Cancer-Leo 
jk rowling
J K Rowling: Leo 1
sandra bullock
Sandra Bullock: Leo 1
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dustin hoffman
Dustin Hoffman: Leo 2
neil armstrong
Neil Armstrong: leo 2
de Niro
Robert de Niro: Leo 3
Ted Hughes
Ted Hughes: Leo 3
(Sylvia Plath - Scorpio 1)
halle berry
Halle Berry: Leo 3
bill clinton
Bill Clinton: Leo-Virgo Cusp
jacqueline susann
Jacqueline Susann Leo-Virgo Cusp
shirley manson
Shirley Manson - Virgo 1
david soul
David Soul: Virgo 1*
ingrid bergman
Ingrid Bergman: Virgo 1
Peter Sellers: Virgo 2
raquel welch
Raquel Welch: Virgo 2
Herbert Lom
Herbert Lom: Virgo 3
Greta Garbo: Virgo 3
tommy lee jones
Tommy Lee Jones: Virgo 3
Bruce Springsteen: Virgo-Libra
maggie cheung
Maggie Cheung: Virgo-Libra 
anna karina
Anna Karina: Virgo-Libra 
will smith
Will Smith: Libra 1
Brigitte Bardot: Libra 1
olivia newton john
Olivia Newton John: Libra 1
john lennon
John Lennon: Libra 2
susan sarandon
Susan Sarandon: Libra 2
dawn french
Dawn French: Libra 3
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman: Libra 3

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snoop dogg
Snoop Dogg: Libra-Scorpio 
carrie fisher
Carrie Fisher: Libra-Scorpio
hillary Clinton
Hilary Clinton: Scorpio 1
sylvia plath
Sylvia Plath: Scorpio 1
joni mitchell
Joni Mitchell: Scorpio 2
demi moore
Demi Moore: Scorpio 2
neil young
Neil Young: Scorpio 3
whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg - Scorpio 3
meg ryan
Meg Ryan Scorpio-Sagittarius
goldie hawn
Goldie Hawn: Scorpio-Sagittarius
bette midler
Bette Midler: Sagittarius 1
woody allen
Woody Allen: Sagittarius 1
joan armatrading
Joan Armatrading: Sagittarius 2
john malkovich
John Malkovich:Sagittarius 2
jermaine jackson
Jermaine Jackson: Sagittarius 3
stephen spielberg
Stephen Spielberg: Sagittarius 3
the little sparrow
& the big bad bear
edith piaf
Edith Piaf: Sagittarius-Capricorn
Stalin 1902
jenny agutter
Jenny agutter
Josef Stalin (1902) Sagittarius-Capricorn
marlene dietrich
Marlene Dietrich: Capricorn 1
tracey ullman
Tracey Ullman: Capricorn 1
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jrr tolkien
J R R Tolkien: Capricorn 2
shirley bassey
Shirley Bassey: Capricorn 2
kirstie alley
Kirstie Alley: Capricorn 3
george foreman
George Foreman: Capricorn 3
geena davis
Geena Davis: Capricorn-Aquarius
federico fellini
Federico Fellini: Capricorn-Aquarius
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey: Aquarius 1
humphrey bogart
Humphrey Bogart: Aquarius 1
bob marley
Bob marley: Aquarius 2
charlotte rampling
Charlotte Rampling: Aquarius 2
molly ringwald
Molly Ringwald:Aquarius Pisces Cusp
Thomas Alva Edison: Aquarius 3
Ice T
Ice T: Aquarius-Pisces
christopher ecclestone
Christopher Ecclestone: Aquarius-Pisces
george harrison
George Harrison: Pisces 1
elizabeth taylor
Elizabeth Taylor: Pisces 1
alexander graham bell
Alexander Graham Bell: Pisces 2
lynn redgrave
Lynn Redgrave: Pisces 2
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Liza Minelli
Liza Minelli: Pisces 3
Albert Einstein: Pisces 3

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