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the elements: there is no argument here with those who like to point out that there is a periodic table with somewhat more than four elements and why o why o why etc etc... we are dealing with a very old reference system which only found it necessary to distinguish (for these purposes) four symbolic building blocks representative of life and its essential, key varieties. A more modern variation of such thinking can be seen by psychometric character typing with four basic types and the permutations afforded by subdividing each into four again, thus from the types 'Driver', 'Analytic', 'Expressive' & 'Aimiable'as main categories, 'Drivers' can be realised as 'analytic drivers', 'aimiable drivers', 'expressive drivers' or 'driver-drivers'. No-one is wholly and solely one type, this is simply a way to describe the types of influences that go into a personal mix, where some aspects may be more marked than others.

associated with water
Water has a strong association with emotion, with feeling and is linked with the tidal, gravity tug of the moon. Our physical make-up is significantly water and expressions of water in its gas, liquid or solid states, inform our understanding of emotional states such as 'steamy', 'buouyant', 'wet', 'drippy', 'icy'... Water variously refreshes, purifies, washes and quenches, it can be tranquil or stormy.
water personality
Water types are linked with romantic and mystical ideas of the moon, the goddess. Spirituality, with. for example, baptism, has strong associations with water.  It's the medium of reflection and purity and has become associated with ideas of home and family, of dreams and psychic abilities. Water types 'feel' first and foremost. emotional considerations are high and their responses may lack forethought though they can be highly empathic and sympathetic. Water types are sensitive to criticism and rejection, can be very good persuaders - through a natural sense of what people need and want. Deep and sensual types, they can be as frothily light as they can be clingingly heavy.

CUPS rune
MOON rune
PLUTO rune

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