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Your Own Tarot Business
I started Heart Shaped World because after more than 30 years of interpreting astrological charts, and reading cards for people it still has amazing magic for me and I love to share it.There is a real fascination in every new reading, and with eMail readings nothing I do is automated or scripted - just me with the cards - the graphics for these are as high tech as I get! Now, I am offering you the chance to develop your tarot skills and become a professional reader.

One of the most attractive aspects of Tarot as a business is the low start up cost - essentially it's you and a Tarot deck, and a surface to read on. It's an ideal part-time business - a 'week-ends and evenings' extra, something that fits in easily for stay at home parents - and it has a well established popularity that defines a 'going rate'.  Just one reading a day, taking half an hour, should bring in at least £100 - £140 a week with no outlay -  Finding these 7 clients a week (and many more), once you've read for friends and family, is one of the keys to success and one of the most important aspects of my course: it's not just about how to read the cards but is equally strong on how to build your business.

Face to face tarot readings have a unique buzz and the very real pleasure of helping people view issues, questions and decisions in a new light has prevented me from ever putting away the cards.  Of course, it can also be rewarding in a financial way but do not think for one minute that it's a get rich quick business! Tarot is demanding, hard work and mentally draining, it also carries a lot of responsibility - to succeed in a career as a tarot reader requires a high degree of professionalism, whether part time or full time. There is a very big step up from reading casually for friends and family to reading professionally for strangers and being well paid for it. My course shows you the techniques you will need to develop to give your readings a professional gloss which will translate into repeat bookings and word of mouth referrals and recommendations, your very best source of new clients.

My own career as a reader spans more than thirty years. I read mostly face to face and charge from £20 per sitting. I have a lot of repeat clients and in the long summer 'season' am generally booked several days in advance between 11am and 9pm. Often I keep a couple of reading 'slots' free for unbooked readings but with an attractive location close to a picturesque harbour in a busy tourist town this is understandable. Add to this the psychic fairs,and the local pubs,restaurants and cafes that hold occasional 'psychic nights',not to mention the growing popularity of 'tarot parties' - where several people club together to hire you for a whole evening - and you will see that Tarot can certainly offer the prospect of a lucrative and enjoyable business, whether full time or part time.  One potential development I envisage is the 'Tarot Salon', a high street store where 3-4 professional readers provide a service for clients much as hairdressers do - with the potential for a busy store side handling tarot & related merchandise.

A couple of years ago I discovered another dimension of this business when a prolonged period of recuperation kept me at home for several months. Tarot by eMail. I'd heard of telephone readings but not email ones. Looking into it, I decided to give it a try and to make my readings as much as possible like my face to face ones. I now have over two years of eBay feedback (100%) - check it out - and a very clear understanding of how this aspect of tarot works best. Since eMail readings don't command half the fee that face to face readings easily achieve but can actually take twice the time, the benefits of an organised system which maximises your efficiency and delivers highly professional results cannot be ignored. Learn how eMail & telephone readings can fit effectively into your daily routine as a professional reader and how they can also generate new face to face clients.

I have now condensed my experience into a course 'The Tarot Professional' which is aimed at producing new, professional readers who will bring the same love and enthusiasm to their vocation as I do, and enjoy the same rewards. That 'big step up' I mentioned is all about confidence - not least the confidence to read without a crib sheet or reference book! The confidence to develop your own understanding of what Tarot is and how it can be applied, the confidence to develop your own meanings and associations for the cards and symbols, building on the centuries of experience which the cards themselves have built up.  You can get so much from a book, but you can't buy experience or confidence. My course gives you a 286 page book which gives you all the practical information both in terms of the cards and from the practical, business point of view that you will need to start your Tarot business; it also gives you a series of lessons and assignments designed to build & foster your confidence, to encourage you to gain experience. These you tackle in your own time and at your own pace. There is also a community web site where you can find  encouragement and advice from other students and readers.

The course topics include:-

    * Tarot History
    * Minor Arcana
    * Major Arcana
    * Interpretation
    * Card Spreads (over a dozen)
    * The Unconscious & The Symbolism of Tarot
    * Psychology
    * Astrology 101 for the Tarot Professional
    * Hypnosis 101 for the Tarot Professional
    *  Cold Reading & Psychic & Spiritual Development - what is right for you?
    *  Tarot as entertainment: embracing the performance ethic, finding your style
    *  Face to Face readings: professional technique, developing your personal style
    * Tarot Salons
    *  Psychic Fairs
    *  Telephone & eMail readings
    *  Party bookings, Tarot on tour
    *  Essential business nuts and bolts
    *  Professionalism: ethics, liability
    and more... start as a beginner, end the course as an accomplished professional with a roster of regular clients earning you a good living.

These topics are delivered at your pace and each one includes assignments that require you to read, research, study the cards and practice readings in order to complete the assignment by using and writing about what you have learned - a well proven and long established distance learning method.

The assignment topics include how to take part in psychic fairs, find local businesses who may be interested in promoting psychic events, the technicalities of running a tarot business (including an examination of ethical issues and potential liabilities), useful and essential computer software (eg for email presentations or putting readings onto DVD).

Each lesson includes assignments for you to complete which test your growing knowledge and give you vital background knowledge as well as a growing confidence in your ability as a reader. You work at your own pace and you'll receive a  critique of your progress each time you return a completed assignment. 

Astrology & Hypnosis both feature. A good working knowledge of astrology is essential - and this course provides it. Hypnosis you need to understand since a face to face reading does have strong elements of hypnotic induction and a clear knowledge of the issues regarding hypnotic suggestion is essential for the professional reader who will never underestimate the weight and importance that a client may give to a reading. Never overlook, too, that Tarot is a performance art and that a level of entertainment is expected from you. Although this cannot be taught, the confidence to do it can be conferred.

When you have completed the assignments you can, if you wish, apply to be a Heart Shaped World accredited reader. This awards you the Heart Shaped World logo with confirmation that you have followed a professional course and demonstrated professional expertise as a reader. Accreditation is not a degree or a certificate but it reminds you that you have demonstrated the confidence and skill to perform professional readings for clients who will instantly recommend you to their friends. This is the best advertising for any reader - a client who you have impressed will want you to impress their friends too. You can achieve accreditation in several ways, all involve being assessed and reviewed over a series of real readings (email, telephone and/or face to face) - accreditation is an optional extra that students can choose to apply for at any time.

This course is independent of any belief system and takes a rational and naturalistic approach. You may choose to use your professional skills within any one or more of a wide variety of arcane beliefs and practices. Tarot has itself been adopted by many different schools of thought, movements and magical orders.

I have a BA in Social Anthropology and experience as a teacher and a trainer in addition to experience as a tarot professional. I came to Tarot and Astrology as a sceptical student and more than thirty years down the road they still fascinate me. The tags 'psychic' and 'clairvoyant' can mean many things but I am honoured by and grateful to the many clients who have bestowed these terms on me - I don't think anyone should apply them themselves, they are earned. You will achieve professionalism - the rest is up to you.

How Much?

Correspondence courses in Tarot alone - not including the practical and business side - typically start at £300 or more.  I occasionally run intensive weekend residential courses for a similar fee. When you consider that face to face fees are typically £20 per sitting of one hour it doesn't take long to recoup the outlay. This course, which includes my book 'The Tarot Professional' includes one to one support, guidance and advice - Sign up for the course today and you  pay just £47. That's it - nothing more.

That's  10 detailed lessons taking you from novice to professional... you can have all 10 lessons at once or take them one at a time - you set your own pace - PLUS my 286 page book 'The Tarot Professional' which will be a constant source of useful reference long after you complete the course. All the knowledge you need and a lifetime's experience available on tap, a big reference book you can turn to whenever you need it (also makes a handy doorstop!) - just 3 professional readings will more than rec
over your outlay for the whole course* - and - if  you decide it isn't for you, I offer a no quibbles full refund* - You have nothing to lose!

* Assuming a £20 reading fee - the minimum 'going rate' for professional readings right now.

**I am prepared to guarantee that my course will make you a professional reader - someone enjoying a good income, full or part time, from their readings. And I will back that up by promising that if you read my book The Tarot Professional and decide that it isn't for you, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.


But you might want to look at the course information in more detail, you might have questions, might not be sure if you are ready to be a tarot professional. It's true that 'not everyone can do it' - but not because only certain people have the psychic gifts necessary. Many years of experience have taught me what it takes to succeed as a professional reader -  if you are unsure about becoming one eMail me with your questions and I'll get back to you right away. Otherwise, don't forget my guarantee!*

To start on your journey to being a 
Tarot professional for just £47, buy now or email me for further information

*Don't forget, you can read and use the information in my book for 30 days and if you then decide that becoming a tarot professional isn't for you, let me know, send it back and get your money refunded in full.


all this feedback is viewable at my eBay 'about me' page & feedback forum.

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