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Dorothy Davies, clairvoyant and trance medium
Tarot reader, who uses photographic cards, not the traditional suits, with the help of a Viking guide. 
Oracle card reader, using a Mayan carvings set of cards, with the help of a Mayan guide.
Mayan stone readings, ancient method of divination, with the help of the Mayan guide.
All priced differently, so please ask!  Up to three questions answered each time.

michi mooz
Spiritual Guidance readings, Karmic lessons expained and Love readings are a speciality .. Uncover your desitny with Michelle and BlueWolf.
Tarot Reading
Online free tarot guide, tarot meanings, tarot card spreads and information about free tarot readings online
Online Tarot Reading
Your guide to online psychic readings. Online psychic reviews, tips on how to find best psychic, and information about online tarot reading and finding a great tarot psychic.

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